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19:30, Marie Lokezaal, Harmonie Complex


Dr. Lada Roslycky: The Hybrid Warfare for your Mind -  If truth does not exist, you want war!


Dr. Lada L. Roslycky is an American-Canadian soft power security expert with over 15 years of experience working in Euro-Atlantic integration, international law, democracy building and international security. A Master of International Law, she gained her PhD in International Security Relations at the University of Groningen. As a fellow of the Harvard Black Sea Security Program she specialized in Regional Security Complex Theory. Her major research (2011) shows how Russia’s separatist geopolitical strategy used soft power aggression, post-Soviet political-criminal relations and the Russian Black Sea Fleet to spur separatism in Ukraine, and beyond.


As the Director of Strategic Communications at Ukraine Today and Chairwoman of the Board at Ukraine Today not-for-profit media organization, she founded an international supervisory council, developed programs, pursued development and wrote opinion pieces. She is a member of the Task Force for the Promotion of Ukraine Program at the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and a visiting Professor at Ivan Franko National University in Lviv. Dr. Roslycky chairs the Editorial Advisory Board of a European Union

funded Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area communications project at 1+1 Media. She is the developer of the Odesa Security Forum launched in the spring of 2016, and adviser to the Kyiv Post and state institutions on strategic communications.


Information warfare spans across many communication sectors including cyber security, air and space, social media, television, radio, news, films and education. This multi-billion- dollar insidious form of war targets the minds of ordinary citizens, politicians and aristocrats alike. It does so because it matters how people think, or, rather, perhaps how they don’t.


Edmund Burke once noted “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Information Warfare is hardly new, however, the manner in which it has been instrumentalized by the Kremlin in recent years is unprecedented.


During this presentation renowned quotes from Orwell will be used as a guide to show how in today’s age of information warfare, we appear to be moving towards the surreal reality of his great work “1984”; a reality in which the truth is abused to such an extent that “good men” no longer know how to differentiate between right and wrong.


Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following sites:


Jorn Poldermans: Information in Humanitarian Crises: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon


Jorn aims to provide some information on the work of the Centre for Innovation (CFI) and their relation to the UN WFP, and discuss this with the group.


At the Centre for Innovation, Jorn Poldermans is responsible for the Peace Innovation Lab The Hague. The Peace Innovation Lab is a collaboration with Stanford University and develops intervention design frameworks and innovation processes to help industry and government partners measurably increase positive, prosocial engagement across group boundaries.


Within the Centre for Innovation, he is focusing primarily on innovation process management, behaviour design and rapid prototyping with private and public stakeholders. The Hague’s Lab is part of a global network initiated by Stanford University. This way, the technologies that are being developed benefit from inspirations and lessons learned from all over the world, building a new sector that links ICT with (social) entrepreneurship.


Prior to joining the Centre for Innovation he studied in Amsterdam, Sydney and Leiden. He received his MSc in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam and his MA in International Relations from Leiden University.


Kevin Jonkers: Information warfare: are we already in the heat of the battle?


A digital war can have many forms and faces: from a power grid being shut down, to influencing elections, to stealing valuable intelligence from your adversaries. Most of the classical forms of warfare we know are easily recognizable in the physical world: you will know when you are under attack. Not so much for information warfare though. In this talk, Kevin Jonkers will take you through some of the shapes that information warfare can take, and he will show why it might not at all be crazy to conclude that digital war is already being fought on many fronts.



Kevin Jonkers is responsible for Fox-IT’s forensics and incident response services. With a team of 20+ experts, he investigates digital breaches and compromises of all sizes.


Jonkers has been involved in digital forensics for over seven years now, in varying roles. Before taking on the team as a Manager, Jonkers worked as a Forensics Expert and Incident Handler for the Dutch Police and Fox-IT. In this capacity he gained extensive experience in helping clients deal with serious cyberattacks and forensic investigations.


Jonkers is a regular trainer for Fox-IT’s Academy training programs. Jonkers holds a master’s degree in forensic science from the University of Amsterdam and is a registered expert witness in the Netherlands.




Col. Drs. Han Bouwmeester: Life is Not a Fairy Tale


Considering Information Warfare, the public opinion in the Western World often thinks that the Western Armed Forces, with their Info Ops, Psy Ops and Cyber Ops units, are able to create a for them very positive imaginary world. Cinderella comes true!!


Reality, on the other hand, is very different. Moreover, Western democracies and their Armed Forces are struggling with Information Warfare. This short introduction on Information Warfare will pay to attention the mechanisms of Information Warfare. It will also show the challenges for Western Armed Forces.


Colonel Han Bouwmeester is currently an associate professor in military strategy and land warfare at the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA). The NLDA educates officers at the primary and intermediate level, and is entitled to provide successful graduates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Colonel Han Bouwmeester teaches courses in regular and hybrid warfare, as well as courses in strategic decision-making, strategic communication, media and deception warfare.


Colonel Han Bouwmeester is a member of the Netherlands Armed Forces Doctrine Committee and a member of the Editorial Board of the Military Spectator, one of the oldest professional magazines in the world. He is also an affiliate of the military strategy advisory panel of the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army.






Clio is the Study Association of International Relations & International Organization at the University of Groningen. Clio has around 1100 members and is the largest study association at a Dutch Faculty of Arts. By means of social, academic and career-oriented activities and services, Clio provides its members with opportunities to make friends and to improve their understanding of the field of IR.


Nexus (Groningen) is the student association for the LLB programme in International and European Law and related master programmes. Considering this, Nexus and its members are very internationally oriented. Nexus aims to provide members with the chance to obtain a social network, participate in the organization of guest lectures, attend debating trainings, as well as immerse internationals into the Dutch culture - all in a multicultural environment.

The NGIZ Noord is one of the four departments of the national NGIZ (Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken). The other departments are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The board of the NGIZ Noord is led by mainly students with an international oriented study. All departments aim to inform Dutch society about international affairs in its widest meaning.

With over 300 members, SIB is the largest student association with an international orientation in Groningen. Unique about the SIB is the combination of social and intellectual activities, ànd the combination of Dutch and international students. The SIB therefore has a wide variety of activties, among which the weekly lecture which takes place every monday, a hitchhiking trip and the yearly trip.

VINTRES is the study association for students of International and European Law at the RUG. We combine a variation of formal activities concentrated on the future of our members with informal activities such as drinks, bar lectures and other meetings. VINTRES takes care of the interests of its members by making sure the their voices are heard. We realize this by participating in the various meetings regarding RUG policy-making.

GHD Ubbo Emmius is the study association for History students at the RUG. We have got almost 800 members, of which approximately 90 people take place in one of the eighteen committees. Sociability is one of the things we find most important, therefore, we organize a social drink every month and five theme parties every year. Also the ones who like it more serious can come to Ubbo. We also organize lectures, conferences and even career trips.


Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG) is an inter-faculty and interdisciplinary institute that spans the entire University of Groningen. It connects academic work of research groups and individuals issues relating to globalisation, development and humanitarianism. Its aim is to stimulate, support and initiate research projects, educational programmes, North-South linkages and project applications in these related fields, thus contributing to the global profile of the university.

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